Great sales meeting themes are more than cleverly-worded slogans. Chip says the right conference theme motivates attendees and succinctly communicates your company’s vision. That’s how to get your sales team on board for a remarkable year to come.


In addition, effective sales meeting themes can literally turn an average event into a great one. Encourage your people to pursue the type of personal excellence that improves every facet of life including friendships, parenthood, education, AND business, approaching everything with the same enthusiasm.


Choose from Chip’s Proven Sales Meeting Themes. Chip has taken care of the hard work for you by assembling a powerful list of proven and effective sales meeting ideas. Use one of the themes for your meeting or build from the ideas to set up your meeting for success. Get your team “Switched On!” to consistently achieve goals and deliver revenue.


Leverage Your Sales Meeting Theme. Once you choose your sales meeting topic, make sure it’s included in every aspect of your meeting. Let it inspire food and décor. Get creative and design a cocktail or a dessert after your theme. Choose incentives and awards that reflect your sales conference theme because every time you reinforce the message, you strengthen the impact to drive results.


Great Sales Meeting Themes Turn

So-So Teams into Strong Producers

Raving Fans

• Excellent. Very positive Work and Life Balance messaging. I was very happy with the program, interactive and FUN.


• I thought Chip was great, energetic and made me want to try harder in all aspects of life!


• Best we have had in years! He was interactive which helped keep us going after a long morning. He related to us - his energy was contagious!


“I wanted to share these terrific feedback results with you. Thanks again for your partnership in making this a great event.”



Larry Croes, Vice President of Sales - Caroline Jackson, Training BCBSM

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Chip Builds Incredible Energy in the Room for Lasting Inspiration and Impact


Work with Chip at Your Next Meeting


Count on Chip to motivate, entertain and deliver practical content to improve your team’s results. He challenges and engages the audience to honestly evaluate their current practices and reach for consistently higher levels of performance.


With more than 1,000 events over 20 years, Chip has successfully presented customized programs that reinforce the sales meeting theme and address the business situation. His programs are highly-interactive with a workshop-style instead of how most one-way keynotes are presented. He is amazingly engaging and motivating which is ideal for an exciting kick-off or a memorable closing.


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