Get Switched On! Reevaluate and Recharge

Motivate Your Team to Consistently Reach New Levels


Chip’s “Get Switched On!” program floods the room with palpable energy that inspires and motivates your people. When your team is “Switched On”, they take performance to new levels to increase sales, provide stellar customer service and learn new skills. Chip shows the audience effective strategies about how to “Get Switched On!” and live a life of greater energy and possibility.


This Is NOT a Speech


“Get Switched On!” is an interactive experience that challenges participants to reevaluate their current vision, game plan, mindset and results. Chip’s content and style fully engages participants. This remarkably energizing program is perfect to open or close your conference. Start your day with Get “Switched On!” and close with the “Board Break Experience” to make a lasting impression.


Chip does his homework and customizes the presentation to focus on your needs and rev up your team to have energy at work and achieve exceptional performance.


Encourage Your Team to Recapture Momentum


Discover how to get more energy and be “Switched On” for every phone call, every customer and every time they walk in the door at home. In this engaging presentation, Chip shows you how to recapture the power of momentum, foster loyalty and the drive for outstanding achievement. Your employees will be “Switched On” to deliver their very best more consistently.


Eliminate Mediocre Results


Chip asks your people challenging questions like: What is the difference between a good and great performance? What is the gap between where you are and what is possible? What are you willing to stop doing or start doing to make it happen? Do you proactively embrace change and seize opportunities? Your team will be excited and involved as they find their own answers and share new insights.


Get “Switched On!” Addresses these Performance Concerns

  • Why early detection is essential to reverse failure
  • What is truly important in life
  • What the key is to achieve long term success and balance
  • How to close the gap between where you are and where you can be
  • Why your current vision dictates your efforts and results
  • What brutal facts need to be faced and the action to take now
  • How to clarify a new vision and pursue it with rampant enthusiasm


The Turnaround Starts When the Gap Is Acknowledged


The shift in your team is launched when the gap between where you are now and where you want to be is acknowledged. Chip challenges each person to take a hard look at attitude and reevaluate life and work routines, clarify a compelling vision and create a clear game plan for the future. This is how to motivate employees.


"Chip did a great job engaging our audience and instilling the “Get Switched On” theme at our kick off sales conference. We had him kick off our day and he come back that afternoon to reinforce the message through the Board Break Experience. Our 300 sales professionals were excited and engaged and we heard that it was the best sales conference ever. We will be using video clips throughout the year to remind our people to stay switched on and to focus on what they can do to make a difference in their own results. Chip brought great energy, a solid message and he engaged the audience through collaboration and discussions. The board breaking experience was the icing on the cake – as I walk through our sales offices many have their boards proudly displayed for a constant reminder that there is always a way if you remain committed!"


Michele Falkner

TDS Telecommunications, Inc.

Director – Sales Operations and Effectiveness

"Chip’s message to our franchisees was exactly what they needed to get switched on and re-engaged in their business. You did your homework and it showed! The board break experience was a highlight of our conference that our franchisees will be talking about for years to come. Thank you Chip for making our conference memorable and impactful."


Kristine Fisher

SVP & Chief Operations Officer

FT Fitness Together

Contagious Energy and Customized Content Gets Audiences into Action


Work with Chip for Your Next Convention


Chip does his homework every time to create a presentation your audience relates to with an artful combination of customized motivational, humorous and practical content. Hire him to kick-off your meeting or wrap it up with a memorable finale. He’ll inspire your team to honestly evaluate their performance and consistently strive for their “A Game”.


During the last 20 years Chip has delivered over 1,000 high-energy keynotes bursting with passion and enthusiasm. Testimonials from his list of raving fans demonstrate how his clients are more than satisfied.


Contact Chip directly at 865-300-2742 or complete the form below now.

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