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I really enjoyed our time together. I recommend you take out your notes from the handout you completed and go into your studio. Every document and article I promised is included on this page. It will be fun to stay in contact with you.


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Because I want to document success this year I wanted to ask you a favor. Would you take a moment to leave a review for my on Google Reviews? Here is the link- Click Here. Please include when you saw me speak, the company name and what you would tell others. Do you have a story about the The Decision you made and wrote on the card that day? What happened? I appreciate your help very much!

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Here are a few things to consider:


  • What was your decision? Why did you write it down? Are you committed or interested in living up to that commitment? What will the impact be?


  • Create your compelling vision to have a GREAT YEAR - get it laminated and up in your shower. Re-evaluate everything in your current patterns of time and associations. Where do you need to confront the brutal facts and make some extreme changes? Download an effective layout for this here.


  • Work on your game plan and areas to your need to measure to make it happen - what key areas do you need to execute new disciplines? Download the Kids Scorecard if you want a simple way to track how much time you spend with kids/grandkids.


  • Put your Get Switched On Energy Schedule (Workout Schedule) on the mirror in the bathroom and make a commitment of the MINIMUM number days you will get out and moving for at least 30 minutes. You will get a 30 Day Touch from me to make sure you are on track.


  • You are worth it. Invest an hour a day on YOU. How many non-fiction books will you read this year? Over the next decade? What will happen when you do? What will you listen to? Remember the Law of Association: you will become like the information and people you spend the most time with. What will you stop reading, watching or listening to? Is there anyone you need to stop spending time with? Here is the 4% Solution Recommended Reading and Listening List


  • Get Switched On and be the dispenser of enthusiasm of at the beginning of each day with your team and family and again at the end of the day - really connect! Be exceptional the first five minutes and the last five minutes of your day.


  • Reevaluate your whole routine to maximize your ability to get switched on consistently.


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The Smart Guide to Accomplishing Your Goals

Everyone in life has goals. Whether your goals are well set, well defined, and within reach, or hazy, nebulous, and oceans away, they exist. You still have plenty of goals even if you believe you have none at all. For some people—­hopefully not you—­a continuing daily goal is to simply make it through the day, simple survival. In the new book by Chip and Jeff Davidson you will rekindle a more compelling vision for your future and get the road map to reach it.



What are you going to do differently to put yourself first?


How can you more effectively manage your energy and stay switched on?


Try the Get Switched On Smoothie 4 days a week for at least a month - it WILL make a difference for you. Get the right ingredients and try it. It will be different, but stick with it. The blueberries are crucial to stain it blue! Experiment a little. You will have to make it at least 5 times to get into the process.


Watch the video on how to make the smoothie HERE.


Download the Smoothie Recipe HERE.


Here is the link to the Secret to Raising Smart Kids article.


Chip hopes to have the opportunity to work with you more in the future. Please send him an email and keep him posted on your progress!


Please do not keep me a secret!


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I would like to be a positive influence in your life. When you join my list you will receive a FREE monthly newsletter to help you in your career and personal life.


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